Sliding table saw Altendor WA8 Altendorf

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  • Upward / downward motorization and blade inclination
  • Wagon length 3200 mm
  • Square cutting register 3200 mm
  • Parallel register 1300 mm
  • Motorized up and down engraving unit
  • 5.5 Kw blade motor (7.5 Hp) 3 speed 3/4/5000 rpm manual gearbox
  • Blade diameter max 400 mm
  • Bar for inclined cuts
  • Sturdy structure designed to be resistant to torsion thanks to a closed carpentry.

The structure is the same in every Altendorf machine range.


Electric lifting and tilting of the main blade:

  • All functions are easily accessible on the control panel in the machine base.
  • Blade lifting and tilt control at the push of a button.
  • The leaning angle is visible on a display.
  • Altendorf cutting unit: smooth and powerful movement;
  • the blade works on a tree smoothly, thanks to the electronic balance as a completely assembled unit;
  • the unit's high-precision vertical movement is linear.
  • 5.5 kW (7.5 HP) engine with three 3/4/5 000 rpm speeds.
  • 400 mm blade diameter
  • Cutting at 90 ° 125 mm

Suction and protection cover:

New vacuum protection system
High suction extraction and optimization results
Fast headphone replacement system
Allows cuts up to 125 mm high (with or without the engraver)

Parallel register:

Manual parallel register: the parallel guide is smooth and precise. Smoothness is guaranteed by the hard chrome plated bar. If you need to cut large panels, you can rotate the register under the table.
Cutting widths 1 300 mm.
Micrometric adjustment.

Fixed 90 ° angle register:

The register with a fixed 90 ° angle allows precision cuts on pieces of different lengths and formats. The register can be easily moved to the front or rear position without being raised. The configuration includes the measurement up to 3 200 mm, adjustable by means of a scale.



The engraver prevents chipping on the underside of laminated panels. The ascent and descent is motorized, the lateral adjustment is manual. When the main blade or engraver is turned off, the engraver descends below the top.

Independent motor 0.75 kW (1 HP) 8 200 g / min.


Tilting register on one side:

This register allows precise angle cuts. It is easy to set and is placed on the trolley with minimum effort.



Quick system: for engraver

Duplex: for inclined cuts

Palin: for squaring long pieces

Steg: for support large pieces

Manual locking piston


Technical features

Brand Altendorf
Model WA8
Condition New
Fuel supply 380 V
Power 7,5 HP

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